If our regular service cannot come on time and you really need a plumber urgently, you can call on our:




Product Price (*)
1st hour of labor & call-out costs €150,- (full decrease)
After the 1st hour of work € 75,- (per hour)
Drain unblocking (kitchen, sink, bath, shower) €150,- (fixed rate including 1 hour of labour)
Toilet unclogging €199,- (fixed rate including 1 hour of labour)
Central heating boiler failure investigation €175,- (fixed rate including 1 hour of labour)
Under the ground (crawl space) surcharge € 35,- (one-time)

(The above prices are valid from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 and are exclusive of 21% VAT)

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We cannot take responsibility for incorrect translation into English.


-EMERGENCY SERVICE SERVICE DEPARTMENTis not part of the normal regular service (Plumbing & Installation Company RED), but you will receive the same service, quality, honesty and transparency.

-When the job is completed, a work order is completed, after which you receive an invoice afterwards, so you do not have to pay immediately

-By contacting the EMERGENCY SERVICE DEPARTMENT you agree to the terms and conditions of EMERGENCY SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

For URGENT requests and/or jobs, we refer you to our collaborating party: EMERGENCY SERVICE DEPARTMENT. They can resolve and/or investigate your emergency job 99% within 24 or 48 hours.

-We offer you a complete package without a mandatory subscription or hidden costs in small print.


-Labor is calculated from the moment the mechanic gets off his bus and stops when the mechanic is back in the bus with tools and all.

-The first hour must be taken in full, from the 2nd hour this is rounded off in half hours 30/60 min. For example, 1h and 15min becomes 1.5h. 1h and 35min is rounded to 2h. etc. etc. for example end time is 11:10 this will be 11:30. Also applies to the total number of hours.

-If advice is requested during the visit to discuss a (future) follow-up assignment and/or quotation, this is regarded as working time.


-We only work with A-brand fittings and materials.

-Our work buses only contain standard material: Couplings and pipes of 12/15/22 mm CV and copper / Couplings and pipes of 16 mm white flexible multi-layer pipe / PVC couplings and pipes of 32/40/50 mm (if the client does not provide sufficient information such as photos, problem, info, etc. and we do not have a grab bus stock, we may have to drive to the wholesaler, this is seen as work) It is the obligation of the client that sufficient information is provided with, for example, photos, etc.

-Material is calculated according to the price information via Warmteservice.nl, including VAT becomes excluding VAT.

-When using the water (unclogging) vacuum cleaner, 35 ex VAT is charged.


-The above rates are based in Haarlem, Bloemendaal, Heemstede, Aerdenhout, Bentveld, Overveen, Santpoort.

-When work has to be done under the ground (crawl space), it may be that 2 people are needed, this due to the safety of the building. obligation Working Conditions Act and safety!

-We cannot take responsibility for defects in taps, piping, etc., which have not been supplied and installed by us.

-Toilet unclogging does not include a camera inspection and / or heavy tools.

-Any parking costs incurred will be settled with you later.

-Not included / excluded are: electrical work, painting work, masking and covering work, tiling work, plastering work, construction work.

-We do not remove materials containing eternit/asbestos.

For more general terms and conditions, see the heading general terms and conditions

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